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He has therefore tied-up with many dependable suppliers of rice.

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There are many varieties and forms of rice available today. And, the Kolkata, West Bengal (India) based Supplier, Trader & Exporter brings to the market Basmati Rice, Non Basmati Rice, Laghu Rice, Sonamugh Rice, Rice Brain, Broken Rice and Raw Rice. The basmati rice is a long grain rice, which when cooked gives a free flowing characteristic and has excellent aroma and texture. The broken rice is separated during separation and grading section. This kind of rice has grains which do not exceed three quarters of the average whole grain length. Though it is low in nutritional content, but it has similar energy that of whole grains. It is widely used in making rice flour, and for processing baby formulas and rice cereals.

The company apart from trading rice in Indian market, exports the same to countries, such as Afghanistan, Australia, Colombia, Mexico, Malaysia and Qatar. The expansion of company to these international markets is the result of extensive market analysis.

Range of Rice

The variety of rice we bring to the market are mentioned below:

Application Areas

Our Team

The company presently has 10 personnel working. There is a specialized team of personnel in the company, who are aware of the Indian government's export regulations and import policies and trade regulations of the importing countries. They are experts in preparing all transportation documents. The company also has a sales and marketing team that applies planned marketing strategies to reap more profits.

Export Quality Packaging

The company backed by years of experience promises that each bag of rice delivered to clients will  be of highest standards in terms of quality. The rice are packaged in number of packaging material, from multi-wall paper bag, polyethylene (PE) bag, polypropylene (PPO or PPL) bag to polyethylene "form & fill" film bag and bulk bag.

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